name sarah g
no class wants
a kissing scene
from piolo pascual
no offense but
i read at pep ph
crush niya si
papa p also with j
l cruz left over
ka nila gerald at
rayver paano na
si italian hotdog :
message ms. granny wow hi sch lang daming awards !! pero di college grad !!!
wqqveahnd : vstmjj <a href="">oinqttygahem</a>, [url=]hcarbyfwz
name sarah g
hindi maka-english
dekada na sa
showbiz hi sch
lang sana tapos
kasi maraming
awards baka bili
lang ng abs cbn
kasi super lakas
kay manahan wow
lagay lang :
message miss granny di bagay retokada ang beauty no offense just expressing my views on what i saw
ei : helllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im a big fan
name royalty
kono :
message fake coach
renzieee : hi idol
name royalty
pwe met you here
at cache creek,
disgusting breath :
message watch out royalty without college degree !!!
sarah : hi idol
nameroyalty they
called her cmae
from a poor family
yet calling a
royalty too much
publicities :
no class act asking kissing scene from piolo !! bad breath !!
jimmixzsqc : byljua
name royalty kono
this singer is
too much gimmicks
gustong mabuka
well in fact on
her gusting q
& a by abunda
can't speak simple
english but kept
on singing english
copying songs here
in america ,what
trying to fool
viewers coz she
& manahan are
body body ,being a
coach there are
more qualified
than her,no formal
education unlike
lea salonga but
she royalty kept
on pretending that
she can do the job
how lucky she is
well in fact her
best teacher is
experience not
only that asking a
kissing scene from
piolo pascual
which was issued .
she just took some
units but never
finished assoc.of
arts according to
her enterviewed
with ms.kris while
she feaured at th
buzz pretending
copying here in
the u s create
your iden****y a
royalty parents
not prominent too
much pakulo this
singer no class
act :
message regarded as royalty kono where is class of this singer
justin abad : hi sarah i love u
name bribe pa
more excellent
copycat royalty
kono create your
image not just
gaya gaya pilipino
songs are a must
in p i not english
you can"t
speak nor endorse
watch out grace
will fall in the
right time nothing
is permanent in
this earth!!! :
watch out good luck !!
sarah fan : mas magaling si sarah kc di nga sya nag-aral pero excellent perforrmer, di ba?
name royalty no
college diploma
can't speak
english copycat
songs here in
america no class
act asking
kissing scene from
piolo pascual you
house but no class
act!!! :
message mingling with daniel padilla dross you are too old for him !
jimmixzsq : 1kpy7j
jimmixzsq : rwlidh
name royalty hard
to compare
education your
compe****ors are
degree holder
yours is
experience best
teacher then
parents are
yours not
compe****ors are
rich since birth
yours rose from
rank most
beautiful yours
job nose
compe****ors are
natural beauty
like maine mendoza
she is born rich
parents are
prominent yours
parents nothing
they depend on you
can"t live
without you goo
daughter your
mother clinch so
much on you coz
the might be out
of nothing
royalty yours but
no you have
mansion cash
houses but no
class act asking
kissing scene from
piolo pascual :
be natural !!
test : test
name royalty
too much old
-daniel padilla
why not to mateo g
to b paird with
this fake royalty
gurang na kasi so
manahan is looking
for younger to be
with royalty hot
na hot na siya
imagine asking
kissing scene from
piolo pascual no
class act then now
to daniel p hot
na hot si royalty
beware padilla you
might e magnetized
by this future
darna kono most
iconic beauiful
abscbn watch
alden beware !
experience best
teacher copycat
only be original :
go to your bf mateo not padilla !!!